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Andy Frasco's World Saving Podcast

Join Andy Frasco on his travels around the world, interviewing all sorts of folk about their divergent paths. Andy focuses on the adventure life brings to those who dare to pursue their dreams and travel. Like our path in life... we get off track sometimes but we always get back to the road and what inspires us.

Oct 26, 2021

Andy gets thrown thru a table at his show in Buffalo and Nick accidentally takes a 50mg dose of edibles before playing. What's up with Buffalo and why does it rule? Find out whilst Andy tries to get Floyd to kiss him on the mouth. And on the Interview Hour we welcome keyboardist and musical wizard, Eli Winderman of Dopapod! Sleep (& the occasional microdose) is important. Remember: Nick Gerlach will NOT be collected by Andy Frasco. Shawn warns of the danger of self-love. Bring your whistle, cuz this is EP 146. 

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Produced by

Andy Frasco

Joe Angelhow

Chris Lorentz

Audio mix by
Chris Lorentz


Nick Gerlach


Dolav Cohen

Brown-Out Phillis

Shawn Eckels

Arno Bakker